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Life In 360° / 360 Degree Video

Life In 360°: A Journey Into Hyperland

A musical trip that changes a fantastical world.

It’s a rarity but sometimes when we do Life In 360° we don’t actually have a 360 degree video at all to show you but instead have a more web based experience for you to try out instead, and that’s the case today.

Roger Water is a web-based ‘interactive and audioreactive’ 360 degree and virtual reality (VR) experience that was created by Stefano Maccarelli for Niagara, with it being not so much a video but more and explorative videogame – although one that has no end goal as such.

In Roger Water you engage in an endless flying exploration of a generative, infinite open world made of surreal island-like landscapes which are generated, animate and change with the music of Roger Water by Niagara. It is also inspired by Hyperland, the new Niagara audio visual show that was also made by Stefano Maccarelli.

It’s rather difficult to describe. The creators explain it as it as “a kind of parallel universe connected to ours, populated by objects from modern terrestrial civilization and terrestrial creatures that behave in unusual ways”.  On my way through the seemingly endless islands I randomly came across a giant elephant – which given what was going on around me was mildly surprising. After spying what looked like more of a green torpedo as opposed to a missile fling through the air I turned around to seek where it was came from only to find, as the music increased in tempo, the winds I was travelling against to increase in severity. Sending more giant torpedo/missiles at me as well as helicopters, passenger jets and what appeared to be old Russian style space capsules at me.

As for what will change for you and what you will find, well that’s anyone’s guess. It’s free and players can travel that world with either a computer or a smartphone in 360 or VR (Google Cardboard) mode. If you have a microphone the world will also react to your voice and any other ambient sounds that it picks up. How does the traffic outside, or maybe the office you work in ‘look’ like?

In terms of video we do have two videos from Niagara performing two tracks from the Hyperland show, including Roger Water which is used in the experience. Otherwise click here for Roger Waters experience itself.

One minor note of caution: if you suffer from epilepsy or have an aversion to flashing lights this one, both video and experience, may be one to skip. Regardless VRFocus will be back on Monday with another 360 degree video. What will it be? Join us then to find out.

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