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Life in 360°: Bee Movie But It’s Instead An Actual Video About Bees

Be the Bee. You don’t even have to like jazz.

Several years back you may recall a very genuine concern about the plight of the bumblebee, which was in steep decline. The bee plays a vital part in the food chain, not just to provide us with honey. (Although that’s a pretty good reason for wanting them to stick around.) Bees play a very important role in pollenating flowers and crops – without them we’d be in something of a pickle.

That concern has not gone away. The National Honey Board – or, to be more precise, The National Honey Board of America (which, delightfully can be found online at honey.com) have created a 360 degree video experience for you to find out more about this process which, it says, is directly responsible for “one in every three bites of food”. Considering US beekeepers lost 33 percent of their honey bee colonies in 2016 this does not bode well. Be the Bee sees you take a Bee’s eye view from the hive to the table and explains just what we risk should be numbers continue to fall.

VRFocus will be back, as usual, on Wednesday with another example of 360 degree video from around the world.

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