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Life In 360° / 360 Degree Video

Life In 360°: Black And White And Cute All Over

National Geographic heads off to China. Prepare to go “aww”!

A Monday morning factoid for you as we begin the week: Humans are a part of a very select group of creatures that, through evolution, have changed their eating habits.  As a species we used to be plant eaters, hence the appendix and why we have such a long digestive tract.  We’re designed to get every last piece of nourishment out of plant material that has a finite amount of it. Later we would become meat eaters. So, we switched from being herbivores to carnivores. Very few species have done this.

So, who else has switched tack with their digestive tract? Well, as it happens, so did pandas. Except they did the reverse – moving from eating meat (you know, being a bear and all…) to becoming herbivores by subsisting off of bamboo.  Unfortunately for the panda bamboo isn’t the most nutritional of plants which is why they have to eat in constantly to survive. Considering this it’s no wonder pandas are never in the mood to reproduce.

Of course, when the stars align and they actually do the result is utterly adorable. Step up National Geographic who are responsible for today’s example of 360 degree video in action.

As part of their Nat Geo WILD series, photographer Ami Vitale travelled to the Chengdu Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding in China.  There she met some of the scientists and the conservationists who are all working to keep the Giant Panda alive – and of course she also met some of the latest ‘graduates’ of the breeding program.

Life In 360° will be back this Wednesday, however it has been a busy weekend as always so be sure to check out all that you might’ve missed on VRFocus.com.

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