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Life In 360° / 360 Degree Video

Life In 360°: Lobbying With Intel

Intel showcase their renovations, you get to spy on their staff.

As we saw yesterday with the sad news (in terms of virtual reality support, anyway) from Nokia the world of technology is always changing. Things come, things go, yesterday’s indispensable app is tomorrow’s defunct service.

Another company who have recently shifted things around is Intel, who have decided to step away from both VR and augmented reality (AR), shuttering their Project Alloy development. That however was yesterday, the company is already looking to the future and recently posted a 360 degree video showing off the newly renovated Robert Noyce Building at it’s headquarters in Santa Clara, California. The video showcases, in time lapse, all the activity around the new lobby featuring an interactive wall and other Intel technologies.

The reason for choosing this video is nothing to do with the technology on display however; it’s the human element. If you put an obvious video camera in the public place you’re going to get one of two things happen. People will notice it and either a) play up to it or b) get very self-conscious of it.  There’s more than a couple of individuals cautious of the unmanned camera in this video.There’s also a dog in it, for those who want more animals after Monday.

Life In 360° will be back on Friday for more adventures in 360 degrees.

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