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Life In 360° / 360 Degree Video

Life in 360°: On Irish Tides

Surf’s up on today’s edition of Li360.

When it comes to discussing 360 degree videos we very often find ourselves in the arena of sport; be that official highlights or even live broadcasts from the likes of NextVR or thanks to a face in the crowd. Over time on Life in 360° we’ve feaured a great many sporting disciplines. From football, to American football, from the aforementioned boxing to basketball, we’ve even gone into lacrosse and cliff diving.

But while cliff diving has us going into the water it is still pretty rare for us to find ourselves on the water itself. Today’s video is not particlularly recent but does indeed have us on the water, as well as surrounded by water, and occasionally under the water. As, thanks to youtube channel Wild Atlantic Way we’re off to the coast of the Republic of Ireland to indulge in a spot of surfing.

They describe the video far better than I can, so I’ll let them set the scene:

“Get a new perspective of one of Ireland’s most visited tourist attractions as Ollie O’ Flaherty battles sea in this big-wave 360-degree surfing video. In the midst of the churning Atlantic, beneath the edge of some of the most impressive sea cliffs in Europe (the Cliffs of Moher), the relentless sea and easterly off-shore winds combine to create an aquatic monster that can be tamed only by a few courageous men and women. Separated by just inches of polystyrene and fiberglass from the ferocious ocean, with skill as their only artillery, the tow-in surfers of the Wild Atlantic Way battle waves rising farther than 3km off shore and rearing as high as 12 metres. This is not for the faint of heart, nor anyone but highly practised big-wave surfers.”

VRFocus will, as ever, be back with another edition of Life in 360° this coming Friday at the usual time. Until then, surf’s up!

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