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Life In 360°: Stories Written In The Stars

Find out about the look, location and backstory of a number of the constellations in this video.

As Autumn comes around, at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere (enjoy your Spring, Australia) things are getting darker, and frankly more miserable. We in the UK are in imminent need of a time zone shift back to GMT to compensate for that as to get more daylight in from the sun.

Speaking of stars, humanity has, of course, been fascinated by them since first time we had eyes enough to look upwards to the skies. Over thousands of years we’ve remained in awe of the heavens and many civilizations have grown up to create monuments that mimicked or were connected to the constellations. The three great pyramids of Ancient Egypt (Menkaure, Khafre and Cheops), those of the Mesoamerican city Teotihuacan (the pyramids of the Moon, the Sun and of Quetzalcoatl) and even the settlements of Native American tribe The Hopi all mimic the constellation Orion, for instance.

But how exactly can you read the constellations? What’s the history behind them? In this video by BRIGHT SIDE offers an “amateur astronomy guide to impress your friends” showing both the positions of the stars, the visualisation that they are trying to convey and the backstory to nine constellations – and not ones you might necessarily think of either…

VRFocus will be back on Wednesday for the next edition of Life In 360°.

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