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Light Tracer Out Now With New Launch Trailer

Puzzle-platformer Light Tracer is out now on PlayStation VR.

Anyone who has been following the coverage of the latest PlayStation VR title from Chinese publisher Oasis Games, Light Tracer, will be aware that the title was launched in September, 2017. Light Tracer is now available on the PlayStation Store, but it also has a new launch trailer.

Developed by Void Dimension, Light Tracer tells the story of a Princess who journeys through various worlds, solving puzzles guided by the benevolent hands of the player, trying to find a cure for a disease that has made many of her people deathly ill.

The player takes the role of a powerful entity who overlooks everything from a lofty perspective, guiding the princess with a beam of light, telling her when to run or jump with the trigger button, failure will mean restarting after the princess falls. You can also move the entire level; if a puzzle stumps you, perhaps moving the level to a different angle will reveal a solution. Virtual reality (VR) capabilities means the player can lean in or move around to get the best view.

There are eight different worlds to explore, from the Gravity World to the Mechanica World through to the final world of Angelic City. Gameplay combines puzzle-solving with traditional platforming, though with a VR-twist. There are also enemies to deal with, the princess must avoid enemies early on, but later gains the ability to fight back.

Light Tracer is available on the PlayStation Store for £9.99 (GBP). It requires the PlayStation Move controllers to play.

You can watch the launch trailer below.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Light Tracer as it becomes available.

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