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Luden.io Confirm Work To Bring VRobot To PlayStation VR

Thunder and lightning hit Steam, as work on a PSVR version is revealed on the developer’s Trello.

Would be thunder gods had cause for celebration earlier this month when, in a move made to coincide with the soon to release Thor: Ragnarok, the Odinson’s hammer and lightning wielding powers were announced to be being added to VRobot.That update should, according to communications from makers Luden.io, now be live.  Allowing you to smite anyone below you who may have raised your ire.

Because being a giant robot of destruction isn’t enough, clearly.

Additional updates completed include improved A.I. for citizens, meaning your actions will certainly have more of an effect on your day. Physics and graphical polishing improvements have also been made. However, this isn’t the only thing Luden.io are seemingly working on.

As mentioned in a previous story on the Cyprus-based team set up a Trello account so you can see exactly what the team is working on. The ‘In Progress’ column for this shows that not only are Luden.io working on a new user interface addition, but they are also working to bring VRobot to the PlayStation VR. The task card currently has a ‘due date’ of November 23rd 2017, although it’s not clear whether it will be released on that date or whether or not that is when Luden.io would like it ready for submission.

VRobot is currently available on Steam and supports the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head mounted displays (HMDs).  It is not presently on Oculus Store, however a third In Progress task lists the Oculus Store with a completion date of December 28th 2017.

VRFocus will bring you more news on further developments with VRobot as we get them.

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