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Luden.Io Takes Pumpkin Carving To The Extreme In Latest VRobot Update

The latest title to get a Halloween makeover.

As you might expect, and certainly as you might already be familiar with if you’ve read VRFocus at length over the last few days videogame developers everywhere are getting into the holiday spirit.

By that I don’t mean by that we’ve had Christmas updates aplenty; Though those are, no doubt, on their way soon enough. We are though experiencing a glut of updates which add a touch of something spooky to the average virtual reality (VR) title. Halloween is approaching rapidly and behind every virtual corner there could be something waiting to leap out at you.

The latest developer to add a touch of things going bump in the night is Cyprus based studio Luden.io, who are never ones to turn down the opportunity to update their city destruction sandbox title VRobot if the option to add in some extra fun presents itself.

VRobot logo
But how do you add some Halloween flavour to a videogame where you destroy things in a giant robot? For Luden.io the answer was obvious.  If you can carve lanterns out of pumpkins why can’t you carve an entire city out of them? For a limited time owners of VRobot can take out their frustrations on an entire city built from the orange squash plants and also terrorise its citizens. Who have, thanks to the update, been transmogrified into ‘robopumpkins’.

Luden.io also gave something of a ‘storyline’ explanation for the change to the VRobot world.

“Through studying the history of mankind, robots found an effective way to prevent an annual universal catastrophe. While seeds are inside of their heads instead of microcircuits, you can take an advantage of the situation and hit them in the ‘pumpkins’. When the portal is closed, everything will return to normal.”

The Halloween shennanagins are the latest in a number of updates and stories regarding VRobot that VRFocus has covered in recent months, which have also included the title getting a free demo on Steam, a New York City themed update,  two film related updates in the form of content inspired by both Transformers and (most recently) Thor: Ragnarok. Whilst last week also saw a confirmation via the developer’s Trello account that it was working on bringing the currenty PC-based title to the PlayStation VR.

VRFocus will bring you more news on updates to VRobot as they are revealed. For the latest on everything VR related be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

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