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Major Update Coming to Oculus Rift in December, Rift Core 2.0

3D virtual displays will be directly built into Home.

Today Nate Mitchell has announced that Oculus Rift will be getting a major update in December, Rift Core 2.0, for free.

The update will add a new universal menu with brand new system interface designed around Oculus Touch, Oculus Dash. With Oculus Dash users will be able to access videogames, apps and notifications from anywhere, using a 3D overlay virtual display. So users can jump from app to app quickly and simply, they can even use the rest of their PC.

Rift Core 2.0 will also allow users to customise their Home experience, being able to personalise their VR space with toys, furniture, artwork, and more. Other features include being able to display achievements, seeing libraries as a collection of retro cartridges, and on the social side, sharing what’s been created with friends. So users will be able to visit friends spaces.

In the future Oculus also plans on adding functionality to let people hang out, play, and explore with others

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