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Bydo's Return art

Meet an AR Ghost Dog in Bydo’s Return

Ghost dogs are for life, not just for Halloween.

Sugar Creative Studio has today launched a new augmented reality (AR) videogame designed to give you the Halloween chills. Bydo’s Return: A Halloween Augmented Reality Game has been built using Google’s ARCore, and is available to download now.

Bydo's Return screenshot

Bydo’s Return: A Halloween Augmented Reality Game offers players the opportunity to play with Bydo, your ghostly AR companion. Place the vessel in a well lit room then dim the lights to make him appear, and interact with him as he affectionately demands some playtime.

“It was an experiment we made in 10 days and it was a lot of fun to make,” stated Faye Allen, Lead Augmented Reality and Game Developer at Sugar Creative Studio. “You play with a virtual ghost dog who can fetch in AR and can only be summoned within dim light; we did this to experiment with the new ARcore light estimation tech.”

Easily comparable to the likes of Nintendogs and Kinectimals, Sugar Creative Studio’s Bydo’s Return: A Halloween Augmented Reality Game has the advantage of making use of modern technology. The AR element of the videogame results in a unique pet simulation experience unlike any of the AAA titles that have obviously influenced the team at Sugar Creative Studio.

Sugar Creative Studio was established in 2009 as a digital media and creative branding agency. Based in Cardiff, the team has worked with clients such as the British Academy Cymru Awards, Cadw, the historic environment service of the Welsh Government, and Bobatoo.

Bydo's Return screenshot

“Staying on top of new technologies is a vital part of planning to make best use of them. Sugar [Creative Studio] are proud to lead the Cardiff Design scene as experts in cutting edge tech,” states the official Sugar Creative Studio website. “At the moment we’re loving experimenting with markerless AR. The opportunities presented by markerless AR are enormous, from educational activities to ground breaking marking guaranteed to grab social media buzz.”

Bydo’s Return: A Halloween Augmented Reality Game is available to download from the Google Play store now, and requires Google ARCore Preview to be installed on a compatible Android device. ARCore Preview is experimental software not supported by all devices. An official trailer for Bydo’s Return: A Halloween Augmented Reality Game follows below and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest AR titles from Sugar Creative Studio.

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