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Microsoft Confirms SteamVR Support Will Come to Windows Headsets This Year

It’ll just be in a preview form which developers now have access to.

So Microsoft hasn’t disappointed with several announcements being made at the Windows Mixed Reality event today, having saved AltspaceVR, announced Holo: Recruit and now updated details on SteamVR support. It now looks as though consumers won’t have long to wait, as an early preview will be made available this year.

SteamVR support was revealed back in August, allowing all Windows Mixed Reality headsets access to the platform and its massive range of titles. Then a week later Microsoft’s Communication Director for Mixed Reality, Greg Sullivan, stated that while work on integrating SteamVR with the headsets has begun it won’t be completed by the time of the October launch.

Microsoft Acer Headset

The company gave no further indication about when that may happen until today, confirming that customers would see support this year, sort of. “Starting today, developers will be provided access to the Windows Mixed Reality SteamVR preview so they can try out their experiences,” states Microsoft in a blog posting. “This holiday, consumers will get access to this preview.”

In what form this preview will take is unknown at present. It may depend on which studios make use of the access, possibly offering a curated selection of videogames, with more being added at the support develops.

One things for sure the Microsoft store will have content available from day one, with the likes of Arizona SunshineARK: Survival Evolved spin off ARK Park, Esper, Floorplan, Bullet Sorrow VRDreadhalls, Jaunt, Hulu, SUPERHOT VR, vTime, Rec Room and Obduction already announced.

As further details on the Windows Mixed Reality platform emerge, VRFocus will let you know.

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