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MIT Museum To Present VR Experience The Enemy

Interactive VR experience The Enemy changes in response to user reactions such as nervousness or fear.

The MIT Museum, part of the Massachusett’s Institute of Technology that hosts collections of technology-related artwork and history will be hosting the première of interactive virtual reality (VR) experience The Enemy, created as a collaboration between MIT Professor D. Fox Harrell and Karim Beb Khelifa.

The experience is comprised of 360-degree recordings or combatants on opposite sides of international conflicts, who were interviewed by Ben Khelifa. The aim of the project was to offer different perspectives on war, conflict, suffering and the reasons the combatants choose to fight.

Originally designed as a photo exhibition, The Enemy evolved into a VR experience due to the technology which could offer a more immediate experience, which could change depending on the person taking part in the experience. Professor D Fox Harrell offered his expertise to craft an experience that respond to the behaviour of the user, tracking their responses to alter the narrative, thus incorporating artificial intelligence and cognitive science interaction.

“MIT is a place for creative engagement between art, science, and technology. We are proud to present The Enemy, an exhibition that arises out of award-winning photojournalism combined with Virtual Reality technology. This exhibition stretches our senses as well as our emotional and moral imaginations, and we hope that it will help foster understanding in one of the places where it is most needed, namely in situations of human conflict,” said John Durant, The Mark R. Epstein (Class of 1963) Director of the MIT Museum.

“I hope the presentation of The Enemy at the MIT Museum creates a truly profound experience where the audience can rethink its notion of the Other,” says Karim Ben Khelifa. “I believe that walking within a VR space allows for tons of other emotions we cannot provoke in more conventional media, and it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to exhibit The Enemy here at MIT, which has been instrumental in the realization of the project.”

The Enemy will be available at the MIT Museum from 5th October to 31st December, 2017. Further information can be found on the official The Enemy website

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