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Moon VR Video Player Comes To Steam

Another way to watch videos in VR via the HTC Vive.

For as long as virtual reality (VR) exists – which we’re kind of hoping is forever at this point, naturally – there’s always going to be the need for a decent video player. You can’t just ignore everything not in 360 degrees after all.

There are a number of solutions on the market of course for a variety of prices, each offering their own different take on how to share either a video or your computer screen. One example of this being BigScreen, who revealed a new update just yesterday. It wasn’t the only player/viewer to have news this week however with the launch on Steam of the Moon VR Video Player.

Developed and published by Rock VR, the Moon VR Video Player offers compatibility for the HTC Vive as well as support for 180° and 360° videos and standard 2D fare in a range of formats. It’s offers a number of different language options from English, French and German to Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese.  For those that like a minimalistic feel this might well be a player to interest you.

Moon VR Video Player has been around for some time for the Samsung Gear VR but is not to be confused with VR Cinema Moon Theatre for the Google Cardboard.  The Steam release is presently offering a 30% discount until October 4th 2017, meaning it can be purchased for £4.89 (GBP) at present, down from its usual price of £6.99.

VRFocus wll bring you more news on virtual reality related releases on Steam in the near future.

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