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Mountain Dew and Doritos Launch AR Experience To Win Xbox One X

‘Drop Zone’ Capture the Flag AR events in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago give users chance to win a console.

Mountain Dew and Doritos have a slightly stereotypical association with fans of videogames, and the two brands are launching a new event aimed at the videogaming segment of the market, where people will be able to participate in an augmented reality (AR) experience in order to win a new Xbox One X console.

The newevent is titled ‘The Drop Zone’ and will feature a series of AR experiences where players will participate in a ‘capture the flag’ AR videogame for a chance to win one of the new consoles. The AR events will be happening in conjunction with the Mountain Dew and Doritos ‘Every 60 Seconds’ promotion, where customers can bank points in an online auction system for a shot at winning one of the coveted consoles.

The AR events will take place on the weekend of 10th November, 2017 in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. People who wish to participate will need to install the ‘Drop Zone’ app on their smartphones to register. Then players can participate in a real-time AR videogame where players will be required to find, claim and keep hold of a virtual representation of an Xbox One X console in a ‘capture the flag’ scenario.

“DEW and Doritos are known for providing gamers with unique ways to access exclusive gaming experiences,” said Ryan Matiyow, senior director, marketing, Doritos. “We’re upping the ante with the introduction of The Drop Zone experience this fall. The augmented-reality capture-the-flag experience is going to be off the charts for gaming fans nationwide.”

“Xbox fans are always looking for innovation and unique gaming experiences,” said Chauncey Hamlett, senior director, marketing Mountain Dew. “The immersive and thrilling Drop Zone experience by Doritos and DEW is a totally unique, exciting way for fans to get their hands on the most powerful gaming console today.”

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