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NBA (National Basketball Association)

NBA Team Utilise VR Technology To Improve Performance

VR eye-tracking technology is being used to check basketball players for concussion.

Many sports teams employ the latest in technology in the effort to improve performance. Whether it is measuring reaction time, or constructing better shoes, modern technologies play a large role in sport. Current NBA champions the Golden State Warriors are now using virtual reality (VR) technology to monitor players for injury or impairment.

A company called SyncThink have developed a technology called Eye-Sync that uses a modified version of a VR headset which allows for the assessment and monitoring of problems associated with concussion, or various balance and coordination problems. Eye-Sync uses eye-tracking technology and a cloud-connection to quickly identify potential issues.

“The health and welfare of our athletes is paramount in our decision making,” said Chelsea Lane, Head of Physical Performance and Sports Medicine for the Golden State Warriors. “EYE-SYNC is a valuable and objective piece of our oculomotor function and fatigue monitoring puzzle.”

The speed at which Eye-Sync can function means it is valuable as court-side assessment tool to check players over after an injury. The technology also has an option for results to be sent to a consulting clinician for further checks. The technology was developed by Dr. Jamshid Gajar MD, PhD of Stanford University and also the founder of SyncThink.

“I’m excited to see the Warriors performance and medical team dive into our technology and to utilize it for the vast functionality it is capable of,” Anderson said. “This organization, from top to bottom, is known for their pioneering efforts in bringing cutting edge technology to their sport, so it is no surprise to me they became our first NBA customer. We look forward to working with them during the upcoming season.”

The support team for the Golden State Warriors say they are eager to put the technology into use for the 2017-2018 season.

VRFocus will continue to report on new developments and applications for VR technology.

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