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New Report Shows Long-Term Improvements in AR Opportunities

A new report by VR Intelligence and SuperData predicts extensive growth in AR and MR sectors.

VR Intelligence has been working on a new report into how immersive technology is changing business. The company has teamed up with research firm SuperData and the UK Department of International Trade to produce a white paper on the rise of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (AR).

The report indicates that at present, there is considerable demand for VR solutions and products in enterprise, particularly for applications in healthcare, education, manufacturing and retail. These areas currently make up 70% of immersive tech research, according to the report.

Furthermore, the report predicts that use of VR will continue to rise through until 2020, though projections indicate that MR and AR technologies will be growing at an even faster rate through the projected time period.

The report writers conducted extensive interviews and use-case studies with leading industry figures such as Intel, McLaren Automotive and Heatherwick Studios to gather data about how immersive technology is being used and developed within an enterprise setting.

“A year ago, VR was perhaps perceived as more of a novelty that we were experimenting with. Now, the

exec team and the directors at McLaren can see that VR has become a fundamental part of the design process; and at the other end of the vehicle design journey, a great customer experience too.” Mark Roberts, McLaren

“We started using VR first as a presentation tool for our clients. However, quite quickly we realized that we could use it in our design process.” Ondrej Tichy, Heatherwick Studios

“Augmented reality is going to mature and be a big component of the business landscape eventually.” Frank Soqui, Intel

The full report can be downloaded from the VR Intelligence website.

VRFocus will continue to report on developments within the VR/AR/MR sectors.

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