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Oakland University Honors College Gets AR/VR Lab

Honors College Dean announced new VR/AR Lab at event discussing innovative technology in Detroit.

As the use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) becomes ever more popular in areas other than entertainment, educational establishments are showing increasing interest in getting students involved with the technology. Such is the case at Oakland University, where its Honors College has announced creation of a specialist AR/VR Lab.

The announcement was made by Honors College Dean Graeme Harper, during an event designed to promote new and innovative technologies in the Detroit region that was held in collaboration with Connected Detroit Innovates.

During Dean Harper’s speech, he spoke of how Honors College has collaborated with industry leaders on new applications for VR and AR technology, and how that collaboration can be extended and improved with the establishment of the new AR/VR Lab.

“We have a great infrastructure of high-value companies in the region that we need to build relationships with,” Harper said. “We want to start working together on sustainable innovation strategies where companies who are looking for future leaders in their fields can come and talk to the students that we’ve got here.”

During the event Honors College students and industry representatives discussed possible applications of the work that could be done in the AR/VR Lab, including examples such as automotive design, military training, healthcare, real estate and even space exploration.

An opening date for the new AR/VR Lab has yet to be confirmed.

VRFocus will continue to report on new developments for AR and VR within business and education.

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