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Oculus Connect 4 – Shooting and Strategy

Trevor Blom of Vertigo Games talks about the lessons learned during development of Arizona Sunshine and Skyworld.

Vertigo Games have been the developers behind the successful first-person zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine as well as the newly released real-time strategy title Skyworld. On stage at Oculus Connect 4, a representative spoke of the lessons learned from those titles about developing for virtual reality (VR).

Trevor Blom, Lead Developer at Vertigo Games took to the stage to speak about the lessons that the team learned from developing Arizona Sunshine, and how lessons learned from developing that title were then transferred to the development of Skyworld, despite the very different genres and control schemes.

Vertigo Games developed a number of tools, workarounds and tricks for developing in VR, including features that would allow the scalability from lower-end PC rigs up to much higher-end set-ups. Blom also spoke of the challenges involved in locomotion, rendering and using the Unity engine for VR.

Blom also spoke of how VR development needs to be much more involved in the performance and resource management aspects of development, since VR applications are so much more demanding on hardware, and framerate drops or visual hiccups are not just an annoyance, they can break immersion and even make players physically ill, adding an extra layer of complexity.

You can watch the full video presentation below.

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