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Oculus Continues Its Support For the VR For Good Program

VR For Good was launched in 2016 to provide support for social change. Oculus are determined to continue this mission.

The Oculus VR for Good program was first established in early 2016 with the goal of using virtual reality (VR) to effect positive social change. VR has great potential as a means to help put people in the shoes of others who have had different life experiences, and Oculus are continuing to explore those possibilities.

At this year’s Oculus Connect event, Strategic Marketing expert for Oculus Paula Cuneo took to the stage to talk about the importance of VR For Good, speaking of the good the program has already done, and the hopes the company has to push innovation even further while providing a place for artists and content creators to explore difficult and often controversial issues that are affecting society.

VR for Good image VR For Good originally launched with the Creators Lab, which paired ten filmmakers with non-profit organisations to champion various causes and tell compelling stories using VR. Those creators also got to attend the Creators Lab Summit, where they were provided with expert guidance and mentoring in the art of creating in VR and 360-degrees. The program has since continued to provide support for worthy causes, such as the High School 360 Filmmakers Challenge, which provides high-end VR filmmaking equipment to high schools, along with the expertise of established filmmakers to create short 360-degree films about their communities.

Further information and updates on the VR For Good program can be found on the Oculus website.

The video of the VR For Good session at Oculus Connect 4 can be viewed below.

VRFocus will continue to bring you information on Oculus and its VR For Good program.

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