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Oculus Introduce Improvements for Facebook Spaces

Create and share 3D VR content in Facebook Spaces with new tools and content.

Oculus and Facebook launched the Beta for its entry into the social virtual reality (VR) area with Facebook Spaces six months ago. Facebook are doubling down on the social VR application, introducing several new features designed to let users create shared VR experiences.

Facebook Spaces originally launched with some basic objects that users could use, such as a selfie stick. Users have been creative in their use of these virtual objects, so Oculus are bringing in new objects and ways to combine those objects in new ways, then share them with other users or save them for later.

Creativity has been a cornerstone of Facebook Spaces, and Oculus are encouraging this with Quillustrations. Quillustrations allows users to create not just static 3D art or sculpture, but entire animated stories that can be created and shared in VR, such as the video available to view below, which was created by Oculus resident artist Goro Fujita.

The main Facebook social media platform is also going to be more closely integrated into VR. It was also possible to watch 360-degree videos in Facebook, and now that capability will be available in Facebook Spaces as well, letting users watch 360-degree videos and livestreams together with friends and family. In addition, users will be able to post 3D objects created with Oculus Medium or Facebook Spaces directly into Facebook as interactive 3D objects. This also works the other way around, letting 3D objects shared on Facebook be imported into Facebook Spaces. A demonstration video of this feature is available to watch below.

Oculus are planning on introducing more updates and content into Facebook Spaces over the coming months. VRFocus will keep you updated.

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