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Oculus Medium Introduced Autumn Harvest Update

VR 3D sculpting tool Oculus Medium introduces tutorial videos and other new features in Autumn Harvest update.

Though it was only last month that virtual reality (VR) 3D sculpting tool Oculus Medium introduced its last major update, the team at Oculus have been hard at work on another update, and have now introduced Oculus Medium 1.3: Autumn Harvest.

The new update introduces several new features, as well as the expected big fixes. One of themost significant is the introduction of the ‘Learn’ page, which provides 2D video tutorials. Even with fairly intuitive tools such as Medium, 3D modelling remains a complex process. As such, the tutorial videos can be watched in the user’s preferred browser, or downloaded directly into the Tutorials library in Medium. There are eight ‘Basics’ videos already available, which contain instructions from members of the Medium team ans artists such as Dom Qwek and Gio Nakpil. The team plans to regularly update the library with more Tutorials.

For users who might not have the steadiest hands, Medium have introduced the ‘Steady Stroke’ feature, which when activated will remove the high frequency jitter from hand motions. This feature works with the clay tool, paint tool, inflate tool and smooth tool.

Tool applicator edits is also now available, which lets users detach the applicator from the tool and reapply it to enable more comfortable hold and movement. This feature works with clay tool, paint tool in brush mode, swirl tool and move tool. The reset button can be pressed to return to the tool default.

A number of big fixes and minor improvements have also been added. A full list of patch notes can be found on the Oculus website.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Oculus Medium as it becomes available.

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