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Oculus Mixed Reality Capture Video

Oculus have released a new video showing Oculus mixed reality capture in action.

Earlier this year Oculus introduced a feature that allowed for the support of capture of mixed reality. A new video has now been released to demonstrate some of the capabilities of this function.

There are several possible uses for mixed reality capture. The most obvious is for users who want to capture footage for use in video reviews, walkthroughs, commentaries or lets play videos. Some video creators on YouTube and Twitch already use these capabilities to capture footage of videogames or experiences.

Another possibility is for developers to show off the process of creating in virtual reality (VR), which could be useful for not only consumers to see, but could also be used for training purposes for new employees, or if a developer is experiencing an issue, it can be captured to show collegues where they are getting stuck so assistance can be sought.

The short video shows the latter use case, with a developer working on creating and making adjustments to a robot character in VR.

Oculus have published its own guide to Mixed Reality capture, providing details on what compatible PC set-ups, cameras and apps are needed, along with information on the best camera and sensor set-ups. VRFocus have also created a simpler guide for semi-pro of amatuer users to attempt it themselves.

You can view the short video on Oculus MR capture below.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Oculus as it becomes available.

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