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Oculus Rift Touch bundle box

Oculus Rift and Touch Permanent Price Drop

Oculus Rift and Touch bundle has dropped in price to $399 from today.

The big crowd-pleasing announcements at the Oculus Connect event just keep on coming. This time, it seems the company were encouraged by the success of the Summer of Rift promotion, as they have decided to permanently drop the price of the Oculus Rift bundle.

From today, users who want to invest in an Oculus Rift with Touch will be able to buy the bundle for just $399 (USD), reflecting the sale price that was available during the Summer of Rift promotion.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, as well as the technology feeding frenzy of Black Friday, Oculus seem to want to top into the goodwill and popularity that was generated with the Summer of Rift promotion.

Oculus previously removed the Xbox controller that has been the standard pack-in with the Oculus Rift since launch to replace it with the Oculus Touch tracked motion controllers. The price for this bundle was previously $499, with the new price drop representing a $100 discount.

Wit an increasing number of virtual reality (VR) titles primarily supporting tracked motion controllers, the bundle contents along with the price drop are likely to make it a tempting prospect for users who missed the previous Summer promotion, or those who want to treat themselves of a loved one for Christmas.

VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest from Oculus Connect.

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