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Pimax 8K VR Headset Smashes $2 Million In Funding

Kickstarter campaign for 8K VR headset goes over $2 million in funding.

Back in September, 2017 Pimax launched a crowdfunding campaign for its 8K-capable virtual reality (VR) headset. Te idea proved to be hugely popular with the Kickstarter community and fans of VR as it quickly shot past its initial $200,000 (USD) goal and is now in territory rarely seen in any crowdfunding campaign as it is now well past the $2 million milestone.

The previous stretch goal of $1.5 million was reached to unlock the option of backers getting hold of a custom prescription visor, something which VR users who also wear glasses are sure to appreciate, as well as a comfort kit to allow Pimax users a better fit when using the device.

The $2 million stretch goal will allow Pimax to introduce a wireless module to the device, allowing for a high-end, 8K resolution VR headset that doesn’t need any cables chaining the user to a PC- something which is sure to excite many in the VR community.

This is not the end of Pimax’s ambitions however, another stretch goal is still listed on the Kickstarter page, though what it is and what sum of money will be needed to unlock it is unknown at this stage.

Almost all of the limited edition and Early Bird funding tiers have been sold out, though several options including the basic $399 package are still available. As of writing, the funding level was on $2,083,787, with eleven days still left on the campaign. Further information can be found on the Kickstarter page.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Pimax 8K as it becomes available.

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