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PlayStation VR Worlds Developers Reveal Blood & Truth

A spiritual successor to PlayStation VR Worlds’ The Heist is coming.

Sony London Studio has today revealed its latest PlayStation VR title, Blood & Truth, as part of the Paris Games Week press conference hosted by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE). A spiritual successor to one of PlayStation VR Worlds’ most popular experiential titles, The London Heist, Blood & Truth is currently expected to launch in 2018.

Blood & Truth screenshotCasting the player as Ryan Marks, Blood & Truth is a brutal gangster experience set in London. After laving London for a stint in the army, Marks has returned to find his family has been murdered. Out for revenge, Marks’ quest will take him through the city’s seedy underbelly, breaking and entering his way into enemy hideouts, casinos and all manner of mayhem.

Played from a first-person perspective, Blood & Truth has been shown to feature both action sequences and stealth. Players will dual wield pistols and automatic weapons as they gun down enemies as well as finding secret routes and picking locks in order to gain entry to enemy hideouts. Furthermore, the infamous interrogation scene from The London Heist now appears to have been turned on its head, with the player now in control of the intimidation.

The debut trailer for Blood & Truth, featured below, shows an impressive amount of environmental detail. From smashing bottles and shattered windows, to falling lighting rigs and bomb detonation destroying entire rooms, Blood & Truth has obviously benefited from the additional year of PlayStation VR development experienced by the team at Sony London Studio.

Some time ago VRFocus reported on the fact Sony London StudiosThe Heist had been in development as a standalone title. While that project launched as part of the PlayStation VR Worlds package, it’s very possible that Blood & Truth is the fruit of that extended development.

Blood & Truth screenshotBlood & Truth will be exclusive to PlayStation VR and will require two PlayStation Move motion controllers to play. No specific release date has yet been announced for the videogame, but the debut trailer follows below. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Blood & Truth and other forthcoming first-party PlayStation VR titles.

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