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Puppetry In The Virtual World with Puppets VR

Create multiplayer puppet performances with PuppetsVR on Steam Early Access.

Puppets have been a defining part of childhood for centuries. From the traditional British institution of Punch and Judy through to more modern iterations like the famous Muppets of Jim Henson, the idea of using puppets to tell stories is a dream for many. However, good quality puppets are hard and expensive to create, and then there is the expense of hiring venues etc. By transposing this into virtual reality (VR), the world of puppetry becomes more accessible to all.

Recently launched on Steam Early Access is PuppetsVR, a VR experience that lets users create their own custom puppet. The Early Access version of the title has two base puppets and somewhat limited customisation options, but the developers at Expo Vitualis are planning on adding new puppets and customisation options as part of regular updates.

The PuppetsVR experience is designed to be a platform for enthusiasts about puppets, along with families and videogame fans. The current implementation of the stage allows users to partially create a virtual stage and change the lighting to set the correct mood for your performance.

Multiplayer is supported in PuppetsVR so users can get together a group of friends to create a join performance, like a puppet play, or try out improvisation. The developers are hoping to add more multiplayer options, such as spectator options as well as more environments and other customisation options.

The title is currently available on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The normal price is £3.99 (GBP) though there is a launch discount currently available reducing the price to £3.39.

Further information can be found on the Steam Store

VRFocus will bring you further news on PuppetsVR as it becomes available.

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