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Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR Update Adds Arcade mode, Practice mode and More

Relax the simulator controls for a more arcade style experience.

Currently in Steam Early Access is developer 10Ants Hill sporting title Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR for HTC Vive. Since its launch in July the videogame has seen several updates released with the latest being the biggest yet.

The new update adds a range of features to the table tennis experience, with the main addition being an Arcade mode. Up until now Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR has been focused on a more real-life table tennis experience (with robots), with  accurate in-game physics. Arcade mode relaxes this simulator style, looking towards speed and tactics rather than skill.


Then there’s Practice Mode Pro which enables a player to enhance their skills and become stronger with every match, being able to alter loads of stats to make your opponent harder.

To mix up the visual aesthetic of matches so you’re not always playing in the same area 10Ants Hill has added new scenery, and removed the gaps between the point and serve so matches can continue quicker. Plus there’s also Chinese localisation.

Racket Fury:Table Tennis VR features a range of single-player and multiplayer modes. Solo there are four cups to play through, pitting your skills against 16 AI opponents. While multiplayer is your classic one-on-one match of table tennis with players from around the world.

Check out VRFocus’ preview of Racket Fury:Table Tennis VR, and keep coming back for further updates.

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