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Rain Down Destruction Like the god of Thunder in VRobot’s Next Update

The update will also feature improved AI and physics.

Earlier this year Luden.io launched a new title on Steam Early Access that’s all about one thing destruction, leveling cities and wiping little robots off the face of the planet as a massive overseer of doom, and that title’s called VRobot. Since its release the studio has added several updates including a free downloadable demo and now its announced the latest additions due to be added.

In VRobot’s next update – which has yet to be dated – players will be able to wield Nordic God, Thor’s mighty hammer, to squash and smash everything in their path as fast as possible. Obviously this is Thor’s hammer so it has all the properties of this mythical weapon. Charge it up with Lightning and smash it to the ground for a devastating area-of-effect blast, or simply throw it at distant targets bringing them crumbling to the ground then catch the hammer when it returns.

VRobot AI update

To make VRobot more dynamic, Luden.io will be adding a new AI system for the robot citizens. Before they would just amble about as if nothing was wrong as the cities came crashing down around them. This won’t be the case for much longer as they now run around and try to flee – arms waving frantically – so catching and disposing of the little mechanical menaces will be that little bit harder.

Lastly the update will include improved physics, not just for the virtual cites but the robot citizens as well.

Check out the trailer below to see all of this in action, and as Luden.io release further updates – the studio has setup a Trello page to see developments – VRFocus will let you know.

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