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Rec Room Gets Limited Beta Launch on PlayStation VR

Cross-platform gameplay isn’t yet supported.

Last month developer Against Gravity announced that its popular social platform Rec Room – where players from across the world can come together to engage in multiplayer games – would be launching the title on PlayStation VR this year. At the time the studio said it was looking for PlayStation VR owners to become beta testers prior to release and that’s now happened, just in a very limited fashion.

Making the announcement over on Reddit, Against Gravity said: “For the first time, Rec Room is available to PSVR players! For now, it’s a very limited beta, and they are not yet mixed with the “general population”.” This means that players testing the title won’t be able to join their VR brethren on Oculus Rift or HTC Vive just yet. Also the beta was solely limited to PlayStation VR users in North or South America.

The PlayStation VR update does include a bunch of new additions as well for players to test out. For new users there’s a revamped tutorial, teaching the handshake (add friend), fist bump (party up), and Stop (mute/ignore/report) gestures, the  Code of Conduct is highlighted more prominently and the keyboard now has shortcuts for common email addresses.

In terms of gameplay additions, in the popular paintball bows are now in custom games, there are new toys in the sandbox machine, Quest has been tweaked changing the way teams advanced through the level, and the weekly challenges have been slightly altered: “we’re going to release just one skin per week, but focus on making that skin a little more special,” notes the studio.

Then Against Gravity releases details on the full official launch, VRFocus will let you know.

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