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Roblox Introduces VR Comfort Cam

Collaborative creative platform introduces improved features aimed at VR users.

Collaborative, creative virtual reality (VR) videogame platform Roblox has turned its attention to solving one of the perennial problems with VR experiences – simulation sickness. With the new ‘Comfort Cam’ feature, the developers are hoping to make Roblox a more enjoyable experience for its players.

Roblox is designed as an entry-level creative space that lets young people design and create their own VR videogame experiences without needing to learn how to code or use complex design and modelling tools. The developers have used an almost aggressively cross-platform strategy to put these simple development tools in as many hands as possible.

As part of its ongoing effort to improve the VR experience, Roblox is introducing the ‘comfort cam’, which switches the camera to a stationary fixed position, as opposed to the usual default of following the player’s avatar. This change eliminates the movement bobbing that can cause nausea in some players. Once the player stops moving, the camera will shift to a new position, closer to the player avatar.

Also being introduced is a VR Toggle which allows players to switch in and out of VR Mode when an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive device is connected to a PC. A new VR Radial menu is being integrated to give VR users easier access to options such as the friends list and notifications menu.

The new features will be made available for free to VR Roblox users soon.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Roblox as it becomes available.

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