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Romeu & Julieta Studio Create Educational VR Experiences

Brillian studio creates educational VR experience involving native Gaucho people.

Virtual reality (VR) has a great potential to take users to places or times they have never been to, offering the chance to let people experience new cultures and places. This what Romeu & Julieta Studios are trying to offer with its series of VR educational experiences.

Designed as a educational videogame, Palmeira 1914 has been produced by Romeu & Julieta Studios to introduce students and children to interact with the Gaucho people of Brazil in the year 1914, participating in their daily life and hearing them speak in all the idioms and expressions that were common in that population during that time period.

“Palmeira 1914 project came from the desire to generate new experiences while we approach our history, we give up the role of watchers and enter the role of those who experience, literally, this project comes to fill a gap in entertainment content with educational background and history. Virtual reality is a great tool for that, presenting a content that disguises itself as a game, but in a background that talks about the history of the yerba mate and the city, showing elements that no longer exist, that are lost in history, abandoned inside a museum or in a photo album inside a drawer. It is an innovative project, pioneer in Brazil and Latin America”, says Jean Campos, designer of this project and founding partner of Romeu&Julieta Studio.

The studio consulted with historical experts, including historian Professor Henrique Lima, who is an expert on the history of that region of Brazil and its people. As such, it is being considered as a valuable resource.

“All this material that is being built on Palmeira 1914 project will be an official reference source, I consider it as a very important project for the present and future generations, people will really know about the history from their county and region, mainly because it uses technological mechanisms that are widely used today, especially by young people, and provokes their interest in studying and learning about the history of where they live”, said Dudu Freire, mayor of the city of Palmeira das Missões

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