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Sanzaru Games Tease What’s To Come in Marvel Powers United VR

More characters, maps, collectibles and bosses. We spoke to the developers.

VRFocus spoke to Matt Kreamer, Creative Director at Sanzaru Games about what they showcased at Oculus Connect 4 this year in San Jose, USA. Their Marvel Powers United VR was available to try and VRFocus managed to, but not only that also sat down with Kreamer to get a little more insight into Sanzaru Games and what they’re looking to add to the Marvel videogame. 

VRFocus made a list of the best superhero VR games to play and Marvel Powers United VR was one of those experiences. Disney seem to be dedicated to bringing their IP to virtual reality (VR) and providing fans with new ways to consume their Marvel comic book heroes. Marvel Powers United VR was announced back in October. It’s a four player co-op VR videogame exclusive to the Oculus Rift. Earlier this year this game was showcased at Comic Con where players could go into the Arena map and play as either Hulk, Rocket Racoon, Captain Marvel or Deadpool. Kreamer said that the feedback they got at Comic Con was phenomenal with big fans of Marvel and VR loving it.

At Oculus Connect 4, Sanzaru Games showcased new characters like Thor, Black Bolt and Crystal on a new survival mode with new boss Loki. Many more characters will be coming to the videogame, but Kreamer didn’t want to disclose and exact number. Marvel Powers United VR will not only offer more characters, but various maps, game modes but unlockables such as outfits, loots and collectibles when collecting experience in the shape of a purple crystal players collect after defeating a boss.

Kreamer explains that Sanzaru Games had worked with Disney, Marvel and Oculus Studios before so when the concept of the videogame was presented to them, they simply couldn’t resist working on it. Sanzaru Games worked with Disney on a videogame named Tron Runner and had already worked with Oculus Studios on two VR games, Ripcoil and VR Sports ChallengeThe former is a player vs. player title where players launch, catch and punch a speeding Ripcoil disc at one another whilst the latter featured a numer of minigame-esques sports scenarios to try out. Kreamer says, “It’s an interesting dynamic, you’ve have the marvel property. We got to make sure the characters look right, you want to make sure that you bring them to the best light. Then we have the Oculus side and all three parties are really working together.”

At the moment all Sanzaru games’s efforts are being dedicated to Marvel Powers United VR, however Kreamer hints at another videogame in the works as well. Fans of Marvel Powers United VR will have to wait till 2018 to play the title as well as have an Oculus Rift to play it. Follow VRFocus to keep up with the latest Sanzaru Games VR news. Watch the video below to get some tips on how Sanzaru Games tackled the challenge of bringing in characters with different modes of movement, abilities and characteristics in a multiplayer co-op VR videogame.


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