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Dead Effect 2 VR screenshot

Sci-fi Shooter Dead Effect 2 VR Leaves Early Access

Guns, gameplay options and more come with the fully released title.

Depending on how far through development a title is a studio can have a project on Steam Early Access for as little as a few weeks all the way up to several years. Badfly Interactive didn’t need long for its virtual reality (VR) videogame Dead Effect 2 VR as it’s now been fully released after only a couple of months.

Set aboard a colony spaceship, players awake from cryostasis to discover that a virus has broken out on the ship turning the crew into flesh-eating monsters. So the aim of the game is simple: kill everything in sight, take back control of the ship and make it out in one piece.

Dead Effect 2 VR screenshot

Dead Effect 2 VR is brimming with modes, options and weapons galore, especially now that it’s left early access. There’s a single-player campaign which the studio reckons will give around 15 hours of gameplay. There’s a co-op mode should you want to bring a couple of friends to the party, and there are multiplayer modes for up to 8 players like PvP.

Being a first-person shooter guns naturally play an important role and Dwd Effect 2 VR certainly has plenty to choose from. There are over 30 available, including flamethrowers, shotguns, samurai swords, machine guns, grenades and mines. The newest being the Onyx disc launcher, Equinox tactical crossbow, Helion and Trinity heavy fusion weapons, Vindicator miniguns and Rebellion shotguns.

To add that personal touch to the gameplay all the weapons can be upgraded and so can the character with implants. Plus there are special abilities to unlock from bullet time to force field to give that extra edge in battle.

VRFocus previewed the early access release, finding that its over the top gunplay, customisation options and hours of gameplay would certainly find a few fans.

Dead Effect 2 VR can be downloaded through Steam for £19.49 GBP. For any further updates keep reading VRFocus.

Full Release Changelog:

* Weapon bashing – you can bash enemies with your firearms; the damage is minimal, but you can throw them away and a good crack in the head may stun them.
* Holding grip with empty hands and without any other possible interaction will switch to fists.
* Punching – you can punch enemies with your fists (or with clips). Again, minimal damage, but a small chance to knock enemies down.
* A few small improvements in the weapon shop menu (longer lists, showing weapon training skills for weapons)
* Options for free rotation sensitivity
* Option for FOV reduction during teleport (FOV will be reduced by the value set by the player during the teleport).
* Option for FOV reduction during free movement (FOV will be reduced by the value set by the player and speed during free movement).
* Option for allowing spatial distortion effects in video settings
* Option for ammo bag reload on dual wield – with this setting you can reload your weapons from holsters if you’re holding two weapons. A single weapon has to be reloaded manually.
* Option for disabling most of the on-hand hints

– Rescaled sights for the Fury machine gun
– Updated SteamVR plugin – Mixed Reality should be now possible.
– Updated models for the Rebellion and Venom shotguns
– Weapons no longer reset on respawn.
– Paralyzer shooting – holding fire will show an aiming electric bolt, releasing –
will trigger the attack.
– Minor rebalancing of the weapons.
– Mines dropped by the Supersoldier can be now shot.
– The Venom shotgun pumping is now faster.
– Minor difficulty balance for the nightmare and hell difficulties. Remember – -you have to aim at the head!
– Using the ammo bag reload now adds a small debuff based on the weapon type (none for melee, maximal for pump shotguns).
– Increased revolver animation reload speed
– Added a small penetration chance to standard sniper rifle bullets.
– Added a small penetration chance to revolver bullets.

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