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Skyworld Receives Huge Update: Gameplay Changes, Bug Fixes & Localisation

Vertigo Games launch a new patch for their multiple plaftorm title.

Vertigo Games launched its latest virtual reality (VR) exclusive title, Skyworld, earlier this month. Available now for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality head-mounted displays (HMDs), Skyworld has today received a new update covering several areas including gameplay changes and localisation.

Skyworld screenshotSkyworld is a turn-based strategy videogame in which the gameplay unfolds across two distinct phases. First is the kingdom development, in which the player must expand their lands, gather resources and build their army. Second comes the battles, where players must go head-to-head in real-time, deploying their units on a battlefield with the aim of taking out the enemy general, taking the land from beneath them in the development phase.

The patch is available to download now for all editions of Skyworld, with the full patch notes following below courtesy of Vertigo Games. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on this and other VR titles from Vertigo Games.

Gameplay Changes:

– You can only defend watchtowers while standing next to them with a general (instead of being in the same region).

– You can now revive a general even if an enemy general is your home region.

– Magic Barrier clears all active spells in its area, but those effects become active again afterwards.

– Mission 3 now says “You’ve escaped” when you complete it successfully

– Spells are cheaper to research (Except Freeze)

– Upgrade costs for units level 2 (silver) and 3 (gold) are more expensive

– Mission 2,4,6 are a little easier in the beginning

– Knight has a longer cooldown between attacks


– Fixed getting stuck at the end of mission 3

– Fixed getting stuck in “mine section” in mission 2

– Fixed mission 8 reload issue fixed

– Fixed: menu book not opening at the start of the game

– Fixed: tooltips sometimes not showing backgrounds

– Fixed: game getting stuck on Insane after mission 3.

– Fixed: Re-center world view

– Fixed: occasional freeze upon level end

– Fixed: losing a worker pawn when holding the pawn while destroying the building.

– Fixed: Multiplayer hosting improved

– Fixed: Changing graphical presets freezes game

– Fixed: Bug showing Berserker in card

– Fixed: Missing audio-files during battle


– “Very easy” and “Very Hard” and “Insane” settings for Campaign, tweaked remaining settings.

– “Very easy” and “Insane” settings for Skirmish, tweaked remaining settings.

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