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Sneaky Bears to Launch on HTC Vive Next Week

There will also be an update adding a global leaderboard and additional difficulty levels.

Back in August Irish videogame studio WarDucks released its not so cuddly first-person shooter Sneaky Bears for PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift after its original launch on Samsung Gear VR. Today, the studio has announced that the HTC Vive version is set to be released next week, on 12th October.  

The launch on Steam for HTC Vive – and of course Oculus Rift – will also coincide with a new update for all the versions,  adding a global leaderboard and additional difficulty levels (cuddly and crazy), to increase the challenge for seasoned gamers.

Sneaky Bears Rift

The update is in response to customer feedback for more re-playability. “Our motto at WarDucks is to listen to what the gamer wants and as such we have taken the feedback from players and reviewers into account for this update. Although reviews are positive, we hear a call from players for the game to be longer. We’re delighted that people are screaming out for more content. We are happy to be able to increase the replayability and add a more obvious competitive angle to the game,” said Nikki Lannen, CEO and founder of WarDucks in a statement.

In addition to the re-playability updates, English subtitles have been included plus additional subtitles will soon be added for Japanese, Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Sneaky Bears storyline revolves Frank, an evil mastermind – who happens to be a teddy bear –  who takes over a toy factory, creating an army of dangerous teddies with the aim of taking over the world. So it’s up to players to take down these deranged menaces and free some Panda hostages in the process.

The suggested retail price on Steam will be $14.99 USD/ €14.99 EUR with a 35 percent launch discount for the first week.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of WarDucks and Sneaky Bears, reporting back with further updates.

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