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Payday 2 VR screenshot

Starbreeze Host AMA for Payday 2 VR

Starbreeze are currently hosting an official AMA for Overkill’s forthcoming VR edition of Payday 2.

Payday 2 is a hugely popular title across multiple formats, and there are few virtual reality (VR) titles that have generated as much interest amongst the core gaming audience here at VRFocus as the forthcoming Payday 2 VR. Having already teased new information on the VR title will be coming soon, Starbreeze Studios is today hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on the official Steam page for Payday 2.

The AMA is currently ongoing as part of a Payday 2 event called ‘Locke and Load’. Developer Overkill has appointed  team member with the username ‘OVERKILL_Tobias’ to answer many of the questions posed to the team, and has already promised to ‘answer a lot of question about the beta today’.

Payday 2 VR was officially announced as a HTC Vive title back in May of this year, but very few details have since been revealed. In June, Starbreeze Studios offered five million copies of Payday 2 for free download via Steam, reinvigorating the community with new players and increasing anticipation for the VR edition of the videogame.

The official AMA can be found on the Steam page for Payday 2 and, at the time of writing, has just begun. VRFocus will of course keep you updated with any important new details revealed for Payday 2 VR as the AMA continues.

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