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Stranger Things: The VR Experience Coming Soon to PlayStation VR, new Trailer Released

Only PlayStation VR support has been confirmed so far.

If you’ve not watched season one of hit Netflix show Stranger Things yet then you really should as the second season has now begun streaming. Becoming the norm at the moment is the addition of a virtual reality (VR) experience to popular TV shows and movies and Stranger Things is no different, with content first being shown during the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) earlier this year. Today, a new trailer has been released confirming support for PlayStation VR.

The short 30 second teaser trailer for Stranger Things: The VR Experience doesn’t reveal any gameplay footage, cinematic moments or anything that really details what the videogame might be like – it is a teaser after all.

All you get are the famous blinking lights above the alphabet, with four spelling out ‘PSVR’ before they all change to say ‘coming soon to PlayStation VR’. And that’s all you get. With the first episode of season two having been broadcast last week it’s more than likely that the VR experience will appear at some point during this season.

The previous SDCC 360-degree video was set in the house of Joyce Byers, as was the VR experience attendees got to try using HTC Vive. So it’s likely that the PlayStation VR version will be a port of this original title – although SDCC players donned a backpack PC and walked around a massive roomscale environment using OptiTrack sensors – albeit with a few changes to work with PlayStation VR’s technology.

VRFocus will continue to follow Stranger Things: The VR Experience, reporting back with any further updates.

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