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Survive Outer Space In Star Shelter

Classic survival gameplay some to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Early Access title Star Shelter.

Space is one of the most hostile environments that humans can experience. To survive, we need to bring everything with us, food, water, shelter, even oxygen. Therefore, adapting the classic survival genre to the vast darkness of outer space seems like a natural fit. Something developer Overflow agrees with, as shown by new title Star Shelter.

In Star Shelter, the player is an interstellar castaway, forced to scavenge among a dark, abandoned graveyard of starships for the materials necessary for survival. Users will need to learn how to balance need for oxygen, food and power and find, make or grow what is required in order to survive long enough to recover the parts necessary to repair one of the broken down spaceships and escape their fate.

Gameplay features include a fully voiced AI which acts as a guide and tutor to teach you the mechanics of the title and warn the player of potential hazards. Environments and spaceships are procedurally generated, so each experience will be unique for each player. The area that players pick for their base can be damaged with destructable environments so making sure to keep it maintained is vital. Though it seems abandoned, there are drones and turrets still operating that can damage you and your spaceship if you are not cautious.

Star Shelter is currently in Early Access, and the development team are seeking feedback from the Steam community on what new features and elements to add in future updates. The title is out now, and is available with a launch discount, reducing the price to £9.89 (GBP), a 10% discount on the usual price of £10.99. The title is compatible with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

A trailer for Star Shelter can be viewed below.

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