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Tabletop Warfare Sim League of War: VR Arena Dated for November

Battle friends on PlayStation VR’s social screen in this real-time strategy title.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) certainly didn’t disappoint with today’s Paris Games Week (PGW) 2017 press conference, showcasing plenty of titles that confirm its continued support for PlayStation VR. One of those making an appearance was League of War: VR Arena which has been confirmed for release next month.

Originally announced back in August, League of War: VR Arena is a real-time tabletop warfare simulator which looks like a cut down version of Command & Conquer. Today MunkyFun Games showed off a new trailer for the title with plenty of gameplay footage which mainly revolved around the two-player portion of the videogame, where one player uses the headset whilst a second person uses the social screen feature to wage war.

Players will have access to 12 different units, four of which can be deployed at one time. These include soldiers, tanks, flamethrowers, artillery and helicopters, all which need to be carefully deployed on the battlefield to win. Each unit takes a certain amount of energy to deploy, depending on how powerful it is. When a unit is ready, players simply pick it up, put it down on the battlefield, and watch it go zipping off to destroy the enemy’s base.

While units can be deployed however a player wishes, certain ones are more ideally suited to destroying particular enemies. So if an opponent has spammed out loads of infantry units players may want to wait until their anti-infantry helicopters are ready, gaining the upper hand.

League of War: VR Arena will be available on 7th November for PlayStation VR.

Today has been filled with other PlayStation VR titles such as Fast Travel Games’ first VR videogame Apex Constructor how about Blood & Truth by Sony London Studio, the spiritual successor to London Heist. Other new titles included  Triangular Pixels’ Smash Hit Plunder, Q-Games’ Dead Hungry, Survios’ obstacle course racer Sprint Vectorhigh-tech fantasy airship battler Bow to Blood and Megalith, in which players are titans who are on a quest to become a powerful god.

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