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Syndrome Screenshot

Terror Awaits Those Who Play Syndrome Today

Only the Endless Survival mode in Syndrome is VR compatible.

It’s October so naturally there’s been a nice influx of scary videogames to get you in the mood for Halloween at the end of the month. The latest release comes from Bigmoon Entertainment and Camel 101 with sci-fi horror Syndrome which has arrived on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive today.

Syndrome was originally due for release in June last year, has seen several delays over the past few months, on PlayStation VR back in April before being moved to June. That never happened with the studio announcing in August that it would then be September. Of course it’s now October, the perfect time for this genre of videogame.

Syndrome Screenshot

To be clear Syndrome isn’t a full virtual reality (VR) title. The full single-player campaign can’t actually be played in VR. After completing the first chapter of the main “Story” mode, players can unlock an Endless Survival mode specifically created to experience Syndrome in VR. This is essentially a wave shooter gameplay mode, where players are trapped in a part of the spaceship where they scavenge surroundings for weapons and supplies, facing waves of enemies.

“It’s been a truly long-awaited milestone to bring Syndrome to console players, and we are excited to offer the game on virtual reality platforms as well”, said Paulo J. Games, Game Director of Bigmoon Entertainment in a statement. “With VR, the sinister atmosphere and blood-curdling suspense is as real as it gets. We can’t wait to hear the feedback from players and hope that it was worth the wait.”

Syndrome is available on Steam for £24.99 GBP or via the PlayStation Store for £34.99. For any further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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