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Catan VR

The Board Is Set In Latest Catan VR Update

Settle down in your seat, Settler. You’ve still some time to wait.

Virtual reality (VR) can both bring to life new ideas and breathe new life into both old and familiar concepts. In the field of entertainment, we’ve seen it often used for film projects and games, specifically videogames. But it isn’t all platformers and first-person shooters, more traditional games have been given a virtual twist, perhaps the most popular being chess. With Dungeon Chess, Immersion Chess VR and Chess Ultra to name but three.

When it comes to board games, and not those in the more ‘traditional’ bracket however, there’s very little in the way of content for VR or augmented reality (AR) either so far to date. Although that hasn’t stopped us at VRFocus wondering about the possibilities for some of them on occasion. One board game that is getting a VR adaption though is the classic Catan, formerly known as The Settlers of Catan and sometimes just Settlers.

In Catan the aim of the game is to lead your group to victory by taking over the island of Catan.  The first leader to guide his or her civilization to ten victory points wins the game as a whole. This is achieved through dominating the honeycomb board through the construction and development of settlements, the roads to each and through the collection of in game resources which are split up into five categories. Those being wood, stone, brick, grain and sheep.

Catan VR is being created by Asmodee Digital, along with Catan Studios, Catan GmbH and VR developer Entertainment 7 (who are also invovled in the aforementioned Dungeon Chess). It was first revealed last month on the 3rd September 2017 that it would be arriving on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR at some point during the ‘Holiday 2017’ period.  Now the developers have provided a first taste of the title in a new 360 degree video (although in truth, more of a 360 degree photo with music and effects) of the gaming area which you can find below.

“We’ve released a number of classic board and card game titles in 2017 for both mobile and PC, and we’re excited to announce further titles to bring new experiences to as many players as possible across the globe,” said Asmodee Digital.  “Our commitment to players is to develop adaptations from popular board games that offers a truly complementary experience. To achieve this, we’re focused on collaborating both with internal studios, and with a number of third-party developers to deliver truly innovative digital games.”

Catan VR remains under development at this time, but should we receive any more update we will of course let you know (in return for an appropriate surcharge of stone and grain) on VRFocus.

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