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The What, Where And How Of VR: Oculus Asks The Devs In OC4 Developer Perspectives

Learn from those already there on the best ways to develop for the virtual platform.

Oculus Connect 4 is already disappearing into the distance behind us as we rocket through the remains of 2017, indeed there is little in the way of big virtual reality (VR) events left on the horizon now. With one-day events like Develop: VR joined by the big lingering presence of PlayStation Experience 2017. But other than that it’s a smooth ride into the new year and the next big stop, that of CES 2018. Which is taking place at a slightly later date than the previous couple of years. One far friendlier for press and industry members alike.

This does not mean we are done talking about the event though with Oculus themselves continuing to put up footage of the event sessions as well as discussions from the floor and behind the scenes. One such series of videos is the Developer Perspectives series, which previously featured quick snapshots of creators for the Oculus platform giving their philosophies on VR and content creation. The series returned at Oculus Connect 4 with some quick interview snippets of various VR developers as Oculus asked them for their development tips, what they are finding exciting them about VR and what they think is to come.

There’s a whole host of them, and you can find them all below. You may even spot some familiar faces from the VR scene. VRFocus will be back soon with a number of interviews from Oculus Connect 4 as well as all the news from around the VR and AR industries.

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