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The Wizards Update Introduces New Gameplay Modes

New Arena and Cafe modes being introduced into Fantasy VR adventure title.

Fantasy adventure title The Wizards from Carbon Studios is adding in some brand-new gameplay modes in an upcoming update, with Arena Mode and Cafe Mode, which will bring some new aspects.

The Wizards is currently in Early Access and the development team at Carbon Studios have been keen to keep the title up to date for players. Last month new movement options were added in, introducing free movement and free teleportation, which introduced the possibility of finding hidden paths, secret enemy encounters and hidden item pickups.

The new modes introduced into The Wizards are Arena mode, which allows players to test their skills by facing off against increasing hordes of enemies, with two different gameplay variants. The Arena Mode will also be introducing a new Fate Card set and a separate leaderboard, with Card unlocks available through high scores in the Arena mode.

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Cafe Mode is a new mode aimed at VR arcades, allowing for casual players and newcomers to jump right into the action, able to access all the content that would usually be gradually unlocked during the campaign.

Further information and updates are available on the Steam Store page.

VRFocus will continue to bring you news on The Wizards as it becomes available.

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