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This Week in VR Sport: VR Sport Summit and NBA Goes Mixed Reality

It is the weekend, and that means its time to take a look at the surprisingly busy area of interaction between virtual reality (VR) and sports. The advantage of VR Sport is that you don’t have to worry about the game or match being stopped due to weather.

VR Sports Innovation Summit – Last 50 Places

A few weeks ago we reported on a new VR and augmented reality (AR) event that focussed exclusively on Sports Innovation, with VRFocus acting as a media partner.

The event is due to take place from 15th-16th November, 2017, and will bring together a significant number of stakeholders from the worlds of sports and VR/AR technology. Featured speakers include figures such as David Young of the Seattle Seahawks, Mandy Rutledge of Microsoft, Mounir Zok of the US Olympic Committee and Tom Sahara of Turner Sports, among many others.

The event has proved to be quite popular, and there are only 50 places remaining, so anyone interested in attending the event should pick up their tickets quickly if they have not already.

Further information and tickets can be found on the official website.

Oculus Presents Strength In Numbers Videos for NBA Finals

Produced by VR content creators M ss ng p eces, Oculus have released a new 360-degree video that allows fans of basketball to relive the 2017 NBA finals in a way that is more up close and personal.

The video lets users of Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR devices view the match from angles such as on the court or behind the scenes. The video also features player interviews and in-game footage.

The full 360 degree experience can be watched from free on Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR. You can watch the trailer below.

Play Basketball Anywhere With NBA AR App

The NBA have been fairly keen to embrace the ability of VR and AR to enhance the experience for sports fans. AS such, the NBA has teamed up with NextVR to offer the NBA AR App, which can be found for free on the Apple App Store.

Using ARKit technology, basketball fans who own an iPhone can use AR to place a basketball hoop and court into the real world. The app then gives users a 30 second time to put as many balls as possible through the hoop by flicking their iPhone.

Users will even be able to share their score with friends on social media and see how they rank on a global leaderboard.

“We’ve always said that basketball can be played virtually anywhere – and today that takes on an expanded meaning,” NBA senior vice president of digital media Melissa Rosenthal Brenner said in a statement. “Augmented reality presents a variety of fascinating engagement opportunities, so we hope our fans download the app and try out their skills wherever they might be.”

Bayern Munich Launches AR App

Another sport getting involved in augmented reality (AR) is European football – soccer to our American readers – who are launching a new iOS app that lets some of the stars of the Bayern Munich team appear and let users take virtual selfies with their heroes.

“This augmented reality feature offers fans a playful, unique and immersive opportunity to get closer to the team they love whether they are based in Munich, New York or Mexico,” said FC Bayern Munich’s Director of Media, Digital and Communications, Stefan Mennerich, “It is important to us that we continue to offer these innovative experiences, not only to ensure that we are connecting with our family of fans on all levels but also to continue advancing digital technology used in the sport sector,” he added.

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