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Tiny Armies Take On The Tower in Marshmallow Melee

TriHelix will be bringing RTS/Dungeon crawler hybrid Marshmallow Melee to Steam Early Access on 6th October, 2017.

Diorama-style titles seem to function fairly well in virtual reality (VR), with titles such as The Lost Bear and GNOG using the concept of a diorama or puppet show to create an immersive yet intuitive title. Also on the rise in VR are real-time strategy titles. If you combine the two, you may well end up with something like Marshmallow Melee.

Mixed Reality content creators TriHelix are experimenting with a title that allows users to command small army and send them forth to conquer a procedurally-generated tower, to defeat enemies, loot treasure and proceed to the next level, in a way that combines RTS and dungeon crawler genres.

“We’ve focused on the magical feeling of your toys being alive,” said Mike Murdock, Game Director. “On top of that, we’ve layered a challenging battle system and an ever-shuffling dungeon so each playthrough is different.”

One notable feature of the title, which will be heading to Steam Early Access on 6th October, 2017, is that it features an interesting twit on player locomotion – there isn’t any: “You stay put. The levels come to you”, said Alex Dixon, Lead Gameplay Engineer. “It’s couch-scale VR at its finest.”

There are 50 levels to beat, with each floor offering a new challenge along with ways to upgrade your army, find new weapons and fight across six zones to ultimately defeat the wizard, who goes by the decidedly non-threatening names of ‘Steve’.

“We’re making the VR game we want to play. It’s about chilling on the couch and hanging out with your little warriors as you go on an adventure.” said Murdock, “We move the world, not the player so there’s no awkward teleporting or snap turning. It’s a seamless, fluid experience.”

The Early Access version of Marshmallow Melee will be available for $8.99, a 40% discount on the retail price.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Marshmallow Melee as it becomes available.

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