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Turtle Rock Studios Announce The Well Coming To Gear VR

Traditional-style fantasy RPG will be coming to Samsung Gear VR on 11th October.

Turtle Rock Studios, the developers behind successful titles such as Left 4 Dead, Evolve and Blade Runner 2049: Replicant have announced a new videogame that will soon be heading to the Samsung Gear VR titled The Well.

Described as a fantasy RPG, The Well puts the player in the role of one of four playable classes, Warrior, Mage, Rogue or Druid. Each class has its own style of combat and range of abilities that are available to defeat enemies as you explore the world of Tholl, and ancient land of magic and darkness.

Players will be able to explore an extensive fantasy landscape with a variety of environments including jungles, decaying ruins, and haunted swamps. Players will need to assemble a party of other adventurers and level up to gain access to new and more powerful abilities as well as discover hidden treasure and confront the demonic forces threatening the land.

The Well is not only our most ambitious VR title to date, it is our most unique,” said Steve Goldstein, President and General Manager of Turtle Rock Studios. “We’re excited to create a new, original fantasy world unlike anything we’ve seen before, and it’s specifically crafted for the Gear VR platform. It’s not just a fun game, it’s beautiful. Gear VR is a medium that allows us to push the creative envelope and bring to life games we never thought possible.”

The Well is another unique title from one of the most creative studios around,” said Jason Rubin, VP of Content at Oculus. “Turtle Rock Studios is continuously pushing boundaries in VR, and this next experience is no different.”

The Well will launch for Samsung Gear VR on 11th October, priced at $9.99 (USD). You can watch a trailer below.

VRFocus will bring you further information on The Well as it becomes available.

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