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Ultrawings VR ‘Coming Soon’ to PlayStation VR

Bit Planet Games’ VR exclusive features at the PlayStation Paris Games Week press conference.

Bit Planet Games confirmed that the popular virtual reality (VR) title Ultrawings VR would be making its way to PlayStation VR back in July of this year. Since then however, we’ve heard very little about the console port. That changed today as Ultrawings VR was featured as part of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe’s (SIEE) Paris Games Week press conference.

Ultrawings screenshotUltrawings VR is an open-world flying simulation that has drawn comparisons to Nintendo’s Pilotwings. As a VR exclusive title, the videogame includes three different aircraft to pilot, each of which is available to be unlocked by completing missions and earning money, as well as buying new airports across three separate islands.

In addition to testing their flight skills players will be able to shoot at balloons with mounted guns and the most skilled pilots being able to use a handgun while navigating in their aircraft. Players will also engage in a number of other activities, such as taking photos, scoring points by flying through rings, racing against other players or practicing that perfect landing.

You can get a taste of the action in Ultrawings VR in the official Paris Games Week trailer embedded below. This new gameplay video showcases the racing, ring collecting, shooting and landing practice gameplay modes of Ultrawings VR, amongst other content. Just as in the trailer, all gameplay in Ultrawings VR is conducted from a first-person point-of-view.

Ultrawings screenshotSince the reveal of a PlayStation VR version of Ultrawings VR, developer Bit Planet Games has launched a mobile VR edition for the Samsung Gear VR. This followed the original Oculus Rift release, which has also since been accompanied by HTC Vive and OSVR Hacker Dev Kit editions. All three of the PC-based versions are currently available to purchase via Steam.

Though no specific release date has yet been announced for the PlayStation VR version of Ultrawings VR, we can expect more information to follow soon. The official PlayStation VR trailer for Ultrawings VR follows below and VRFocus will of course keep you updated with all the latest details on both this and other VR titles coming from Bit Planet Games.

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