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VR Challenger League Regionals at OC4 to be Livestreamed Wednesday

They’ll be playing Ready at Dawn’s Echo Arena.

In a couple of days Oculus will be hosting its annual event for all things Oculus Rift, Touch and Gear VR related, with new videogames being announced, keynote addresses and more. What will be new at Oculus Connect 4 (OC4) is a little esports tournament the company is running in partnership with ESL, and Intel called the VR Challenger League, with the regional finals taking place on the first day, all of which will be livestreamed.

If you happen to have missed VRFocus’ coverage of the VR Challenger League, it was announced in June just prior to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017. Featuring both The Unspoken and Echo Arena, the tournament allowed anyone to sign-up and play, online initially then at physical events, with OC4 being the first.

Echo Arena new

VR Challenger League’s first regionals will take place on 11th Oct at 6pm PT. A livestream will be shoutcasted by John Mullen, aka Blu, and Kier Asher, aka PooNanners whilst the event will be hosted by CSGO player Steph Harvey, aka missharvey.

The VR Challenger League at OC4 team rankings:

  • 8 teams competing
    • Ranked
      • #1 400pts – ECLIPSE
      • #2 400pts – KANGORILLAZ
      • #3 370pts – PHANGASMS
      • #4 345pts – TEAM SOLACE
    • Challengers
      • MOVE OVR
      • DYSKOVER

VRFocus will be at OC4 to bring you the latest news and announcements, so don’t go anywhere.

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