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VR Content Platform Yondr Partners With Getty Images

Partnership with Getty Images will allow for easier monetisation of VR content.

Getty Images are a well-known organisation that acts as a stock photo agency, providing images for hundreds of businesses, organisations and consumers, with a library of over 80 million still images and over 50,000 hours of film footage. Virtual reality (VR) content platform Yondr have reached an agreement that gives Getty Images exclusive rights to Yondr content.

Yondr is a media agency that also acts as a acts as a community and content platform for VR content creators, which lets its users share tips and tricks of working in VR and 360 degree video. The deal with Getty Images will allow Yondr users to monetise their existing content.

The Yondr agency has previously worked with big companies such as Mercedes and Nike, producing 360-degree videos for marketing and demonstration purposes. They have also established partnerships with Samsung, YouTube and GoPro, who are themselves no strangers to VR and 360-degree content.

Yondr | GettyThe company had this to say on the new deal with Getty Images: “The deal with Getty Images allows the creators in our ecosystem – called ‘yondr colony’ – to monetize on their existing content. This will provide a vast range of VR and 360 content types due to the global character and the diversity of the community. We strongly believe this is going to be a valuable asset for all potential members of the yondr network.”

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